Happy Family Poses For Picture–Hey! Where’s The Cow?


Support your independent thinker this weekend by purchasing my book!

If doing life right were easy we’d have short novels and no war. In honor of imperfect relationships and challenging living conditions I’m having a $.99 Kindle eBook sale on The House on Tenafly Road this upcoming weekend Feb 15-16 (the day after Valentine’s Day makes you begin to wish you had a morphine-addicted spouse–or maybe  realize, damn, you have it good).

So gather up your pennies (c’mon it won’t break the bank) and buy the book. Tell your friends, too–you know, the ones who like really falling in love with screwed up characters who redeem themselves. Or the ones who like page-turners with military heroes. Or the ones who like big books with maps. Love, death, maps and redemption–who could ask for anything more?

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Farm Boots Feel Your Pain


This poem amused me 🙂

Angry rain boots

You make me walk through filthy streets

You only want me when it’s cold and rainy

You love all of your other shoes more than me

You thought I didn’t hear you when you said you only bought me because I was cheap

I heard you.

I also heard you when you said you wished you could wear heels today

Were they there for you that day when you fell into the pile of leaves?

Were they there for you when you fell off the dock into the lake?

No. I was.

Trying to take a stand when you’re just a pair of rain boots

When all you’ll ever be is just a pair of rain boots

Maybe next time you have an embarrassing mishap

You’ll see that the only one who helps you through it is me.

by Theodora Hennessy