A Morning with Cows

I love the smell of manure in the morning.
I love the smell of manure in the morning.

Every year we look forward to our cow manure harvest just after the spring thaw with its muck moves north. Our good neighbor lets us take as much as we like. This year my husband brought only two shovels for three people (himself, son and me). He said I was no use to him with the cows about since I’d spend more time looking at them. And so it’s true.







Happy Family Poses For Picture–Hey! Where’s The Cow?


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If doing life right were easy we’d have short novels and no war. In honor of imperfect relationships and challenging living conditions I’m having a $.99 Kindle eBook sale on The House on Tenafly Road this upcoming weekend Feb 15-16 (the day after Valentine’s Day makes you begin to wish you had a morphine-addicted spouse–or maybe  realize, damn, you have it good).

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Prince Charles and His Cosmic Cow


No, not Camilla!


Of course anyone with animals already knows they have different personalities, right? I’d like to hear about your favorite/least favorite animal on the farm or in your apartment. One of the characters in my series of books will try his hand at farming, but his wife will be humiliated by the idea and get him a job in town (probably with disastrous results as I like to write about small disasters). We used to have a dog named Chuckie (think horror movie). When our guests arrived and gathered round the dining room table, Chuckie–a big dog–got under the table and peed for what seemed like an eternity. There was no point putting on airs after that.