On the One Cold Day


On the one cold day the outcast rooster nobody likes gave me his sad eyes.


Claire complained of cold feet as did the aloof white rooster who seems to get along with everyone in the barnyard.


I searched high and low for my barnyard companion Oliver the cat . . .


And found the naughty animal where he wasn’t supposed to be . . .


I have no idea how long our “outside” cat napped on my bed or who let him sneak in, but isn’t he cute?


Not To Worry


037On a recent dry and sunny September day I surveyed yet again my overgrown gardens, unpicked vegetables and my dogs in need of grooming. Weeks had passed with so many human things to do and problems to solve. The flurry of visits were long over and the tomato plants were well past their prime. Buckets and buckets of vibrant, softening tomatoes mixed with the last green fruit of the season and fruit flies hinted that if something wasn’t done soon the husk cherries would be gobbled up by tiny invaders.


Oliver the cat yawned. Don’t worry, he seemed to say. You’ve made it this far and the shelves are filled with salsa and sauce. Calm down. Time to look at the flowers before the frost ends their lovely little lives.

Kitty Makes a Decision

Oliver sees something.
Oliver sees something.

Kitty spends a lot of time in the garden chasing chipmunks and killing innocent Garter snakes, but sometimes he just strolls around taking in his little paradise. What’s that?  It smells like a funeral. It must be those lilies.


Just around the corner kitty’s tricky owner has a fake bird watching over the clematis. Kitty isn’t happy about things that look like things they are not.


A guest arrived and brought a mobile with fake dragonflies that light at night (something about solar power was mentioned). Kitty’s owner was thrilled with the gift. Kitty found it provoking (since he couldn’t eat them) but said nothing.


Kitty then heard a ruckus in his yard. There he found Ferdinand splashing around in his “pond.” Kitty pointed out that it was a discarded plastic saucer for snow. Ferdinand told Kitty where to go and continued with his bath.

Kitty wondered if Ferd knew the consequences of Sophie suddenly going off to be with her eggs for hours on end. He decided to leave the happy duck in his ignorance as soon he might be a father.

033It occurred to Kitty whilst muttering about Japanese beetles on his owner’s  zinnias that he was becoming a fly in the ointment sort of cat. Must he always notice the beetles and the plastic and the quacking of those insufferable ducks?

He decided to turn a new leaf. He promised himself that from now on he would never, ever complain about Friskies Pate when he only really loved Friskies shredded beef.