Dog Dignity (Not So Much)


Elizabeth came to us with a messed up eye. She looked like she was always winking (my mother always said never trust a person who winks). I suppose we could have returned her to the breeder ( that was never going to happen!). Her eye lashes curled in when they should curl out which required surgery.

Anyway, here she is doing her best to stay calm and carry on. The vet warned us her eye would look worse before getting better. We felt sorry for her and let Elizabeth sleep with us. Two adults, an affectionate, bed-hog dog and a plastic cone. My husband moved to the couch after  a while (he didn’t want to trouble Elizabeth’s sleep).



Sometimes All That Matters Is Baseball


My husband replaced a ragged old flag on the top of the grounded boat in the churchyard to surprise our pastor. They both hail from Illinois, both love the BEARS, both have suffered a lifetime of heartbreak with the CUBS. But when the flag was raised the CUBS went on a 15 game winning streak.

We’ve already had to replace the flag once (the afternoon before the playoffs began) because the winds in our little valley wreak havoc on flags. This morning at 6am my husband received a text from the pastor with the above image. CUBS WIN!!!!