We love hearing from you!



Occasionally we have purebred Nubian Goats for sale in the spring.

Middlemay Farm, Fort Edward, New York


2 thoughts on “We love hearing from you!

  1. I just finished building a maple syrup evaporator based off of the pictures I found on-line of your family’s oil tank evaporator. Thank you for all of the info and pics! Do u have any idea how many gallons per hour your evaporator does? Anything u learned after building it that you would like to share?

    1. HI, sorry for the delay in response. My husband (the designer) has been working a lot. So we get about 10 gallons an hour. He says he might add a flap of some sort to regulate the exhaust to get the temperature up, but other than that we’re pretty happy with the design. Better than over a couple of rows of cinderblocks in the mud!

      Good luck this season.

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