Duck Rescue/Release

Chip looking pretty regal.

You may remember Chip-Chip as a tiny duckling rescued from our cat’s and dog’s mouths. He lived for a few weeks in my bedroom, then the garage , then the woodshed and finally in our pond. He’s free to go but for the time being he prefers waddling after me in the garden and having a chat. One day I was scolding a daughter for lopping off the head of a Brussels sprout plant and noticed Chip sitting at my feet (he’s very quiet when he wants to be!). I couldn’t stay mad about the sprouts, could I?

Chip is far friendlier than the domesticated ducks we raised and eagerly gave away (we still have two Khaki Campbells Sophie and Ferdinand–our one daughter calls him Ferdiler for some reason). he gets bonus points for coming when he’s called and napping on my lap. I see him stretching his wings now and again so he may leave us someday, but for now we’ll enjoy him.

6 thoughts on “Duck Rescue/Release

  1. I am almost afraid to ask how this story ended–wildlife & other animals have a way of finding challenges that break our hearts–but I will ask anyway, what happened to Chip? He looks so adorable here! And, yes, ducks will come when you call–when they feel like it! 🙂 Happy New Year!!!

    1. All relationships are continuing sagas, right? We think Chip-Chip turned out to be a girl wood duck. She actually got even friendlier with time and stayed on into fall. She’d tap at my window every morning (sitting on the air conditioner and peering in). In October she frantically woke me one morning and then left for the day only to come back in the evening. She did this for about a week as if torn about flying south for the winter with the other wood ducks. One day she was gone. We’ve read that they usually return to their summer place each year. My husband’s going to make a wood duck box for our pond just in case 🙂

      Happy New Year to you as well! Hoping you’ve recovered from your back/neck pain and have had a wonderful holiday season.


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