Get ready for the new herd queen: MOLLIE

I'm ready.
I’m ready.

Here’s the way it’s done with goats: as with people some are just born leaders and so it was with Pixie. She led like a Margaret Thatcher–there was no messing with her.

004But there was a problem. Pixie suddenly decided she hated our daughter. This was not the bratty Pixie busting into the milking room for feed, kicking cans over and refusing to be moved. This was the Pixie of the head butts. This was full-on domination of our daughter. She’d grunt and rear her head back–and not for show. We tried everything to appease her, to bully her, to charm her into submission to no avail.

Pixie came this close to a trip to the butchers. A 14-year-old girl should not be subjected to a broken hip.

All the while we could see Pixie training one of her offspring to take command in the off chance she wasn’t around. We learned that herd queens breed future herd queens. Pixie picked Mollie because Mollie is curious, imperious and head strong (her saving grace so far is that her father was mild and sweet). Mollie’s sister Phoebe is timid and gentle. Pixie hardly notices her.

012I wrote a post on Craigslist throwing up the Hail Mary for Pix. I explained all of her many behavior and health problems not expecting a response. But God is good. A man with a lonely goat named Hope was looking for a companion for her. Hope was also a bit of a terror, but she respected men. Pixie respects/fears my husband.

We heard from the man last night. Pixie and Hope quickly became friends (Hope finally bullied Pixie into submission).

Mollie, time to step up–but not too much.

5 thoughts on “Get ready for the new herd queen: MOLLIE

      1. Glad you enjoyed. We are definitely goat lovers around here, but they’ll have a run for their money when the lambs arrive this weekend. Wish us luck–I’ve never had a ram before!

        Have a great day.

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