Pet Chicken


Egg-bound Gluck-Gluck
Egg-bound Gluck-Gluck

Chicken love. I never imagined such a thing, but every so often a chicken picks you to adore. How lovely it is each day to be greeted at the chicken house by an enthusiastic hen! When my chicken love, Gluck-Gluck sickened and died this week after 4 years of true friendship I felt a mix of relief and sadness. She suffered. There was little I could do but hold her in a warm towel after soaks and meds.

Such is life with animals, but if you’re lucky friendship shines on you again and so it is here at Middlemay. While mourning the loss of Gluck-Gluck I couldn’t help smile at Clarissa (Claire) a new Dominique chick with crippled feet waiting to be loved. Most of our new chicks don’t mind me, but they don’t love me.ย  Claire pushes her way through the crowd like a tough running back to jump into my hands whenever I’m around. She sits and coos and snuggles.

No one friend can replace another but isn’t it nice to be alive with the hope of new friendship?

Clarissa Chicken
Clarissa Chicken

10 thoughts on “Pet Chicken

  1. I am on my first flock, ever, and my rooster is the one who seems to love me. Although he doesn’t run to my arms, he allows me to scoop him up and pet him. If I try to pick up a hen, they run squawking away and the rooster comes to stand between us. He never pecks at me or does his aggressive sideways dance that I’ve seen him use to threaten the others when they don’t please him. I’ll take what affection I am offered.

    1. How old is your rooster? I hope you have good luck with him. I had one friendly one who suddenly turned aggressive after two years! I loved him so much but then he attacked me and punctured my Achilles tendon.

      People do have nice roosters (I keep telling my husband I want another because I enjoy their funny behaviors and the sound of them crowing but I haven’t convinced him yet).

      Have fun with your chickens–aren’t they so much more fun than you imagined?

      1. Yikes! I hope that doesn’t happen with Cooper. He is one year old, and so far so good. I just love watching my chickens and everyone loves it that I bring my extra couple dozen eggs to church to share. They are multi-colored and charming.

      2. We had a chicken massacre this winter and 16 of our birds were killed by a fox, but before that we were overrun with eggs–not that I minded. Like you my husband and I loved sharing them. An older lady at church keeps asking when the eggs will start up again. ๐Ÿ™‚

        We make a mean chocolate torte (6 eggs)! I usually make a triple batch to freeze.

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