Chicken Mothers

Limpy and her baby duck.

She’s survived a broken leg after getting caught in a hay rack, a month in frigid January trapped with no food or water in an abandoned duck house after a fox massacre (read all about it HERE) and still she thrives on mothering. Limpy is our best layer and almost always broody and happy to sit on eggs–any eggs.

Blended Family
Blended Family
Three little ducklings--wait! and then there were four  + a surprise chick!
Three little ducklings–wait! and then there were four + a surprise chick!
What a good mother!
What a good mother!

BONUS PICTURE: A  Jersey White Chick in the barnyard. Isn’t she pretty?


13 thoughts on “Chicken Mothers

  1. Awwwwwwww! So sorry I’ve been behind on reading your blog! These pics are adorable! We have one especially broody hen (the adopted Welsh Harlequin) and she’ll sit on eggs whether they’re fertilized or not. She also tries to hide them from me and sometimes I only figure out what’s going on when I can’t see her with the rest of the flock. Enjoy all the new little ones!!!

    1. Last ight I went to close up the chicken coop and there was Limpy huddled over the babies OUTSIDE. She wasn’t happy when I took her babies into the coop. No camping out when foxes lurk in the shadows!

      I’ve been bad about keeping up lately, too–the spring and summer chores get in the way–not to mention a sudden marriage for my son! haha.

      1. This is the busiest time of year (next to harvest–and, btw, since there are spring crops, there’s harvest, too!!!) Congratulations to your son on his marriage! And tg you found Limpy outside before Mr. Fox did! Ah, the pleasures of parenting!!!

      2. Hi Lori,

        Not good:( The poor thing died after a valiant fight. I did all I could do and for the last day of her life I kept her as comfortable as possible–she liked being held in my arms and there were a few beautiful days where we just sat together in the sunshine so I’m glad for that.

    1. I love my Buffs. This year we have Dominiques as well and one wants to be cuddled and held all the time (guess who’s my new favorite?).

      The ducks are funny, but such trouble makers. Once they’re older they’ll be kicked out of the barnyard to fend for themselves in the flower garden. 🙂

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