9 thoughts on “When Grass Grows, Goats Eat

      1. Haha! I actually thought of you when I woke to drizzle and grey this morning.

        Also, we’re doing an experiment with our broody hen. She’s sitting on our duck eggs. Can’t wait to see if we have more ducklings.

        Hope all your creatures are well.

      2. Keeping fingers crossed for you! So many stories I need to tell on the blog but it’s been a terrifically busy/challenging month. On the positive side, we’re already harvesting spring crops (wasn’t it just snowing the other day?!) Keep us posted on those egglings!!!

      3. Spring crops already?! Good for you. What have you planted? We have arugula and some radishes and that’s it so far–but I’m loving them to pieces. I can eat arugula all day.

      4. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t plant more arugula! I’ll trade you some collards and tons of other greens. 😉 Also, suddenly all the radishes got big enough at the same time (I have not mastered the art of sequential sowing!) Plan to pickle the radishes, saute their greens and make vinaigrette from the chive flowers in next couple of days. I expect the kohlrabi will be ready shortly, too. Keeping fingers crossed this cold snap doesn’t rot out the potatoes. Enjoy the coolness because I’m sure we’ll be complaining of the heat soon enough!!!

      5. I’m definitely worried about my potatoes. I never thought of pickling radishes or making the chive vinaigrette. You’ve given me a new challenge! Exciting.

        I’m so impatient that I haven’t master sequential planting either. I get in a weird planting zone. Once I start I don’t want to stop.

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