Sick Puppy

Towels are the enemy.
Towels are the enemy.

Here’s Rosie. One Christmas she jumped a fence we put up so she couldn’t go upstairs. She ate an entire bag of Dove Chocolate with the wrappers on out of our daughter’s Christmas stocking. Over the summer she ate rose fertilizer and limped until it got out of her system. Some people store everything up high to avoid flood damage. We have Rosie damage.

The latest damage is to our bank account and her intestines. One night two weeks ago as she lay next to me on the couch her stomach started making a loud gurgling noise. The next morning she looked like this. Sad. I had a bad feeling when she threw up a tiny piece of blue towel.

The vet felt a mass in her intestines and rushed her in for surgery. It was the stringy blue towel under the crate to keep it from scratching the wood floors. The vet said some of the strings were acting like a saw and if I’d brought her in a few hours later there was a good chance she’d have ruptured the lining of the intestines.

Instead she spent the weekend hooked to an IV and nursing an 8 inch stapled together incision.

Damn, I love this dog. We all do. She presses up in our faces and moans in ecstasy. No one can stay mad at Rosie. Did I mention I got her on Craigslist? Who would give away anything with eyes like hers? Maybe they couldn’t afford the vet bills. Thank God I can.

Now I have to go move the towels to a higher shelf.

Rosie is happy to be home.
Rosie is happy to be home.

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