Wings & Prayers

Here’s what happens when you fall in love with DUCKS!!!! Lori is a great storyteller and duck owner 🙂

What the Ducks!


We’re in the car, me and my duck, my favorite duck, and my face is wet and my voice wobbles as I tell her to hang in there, don’t worry, we’re almost there, we’re in the home stretch and she’s not making any noise or moving around much and I can see the red speckle on the tip of her bill and some splatters on the bright blue towel she’s bundled in but when we stop at a light, she turns her face toward me as if to say, it’s okay, I’m going to be okay.

It’s not like we didn’t have warnings.

When you take on the pretty ridiculous (come to think of it) job of backyard poultry-raising (free-range), the possibility of losing one/more/all of your flock to predators never goes away. Like window-washers, HAZMAT crews and bridge workers, you know the risks but you can’t think about it…

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