Cure for a Broken Heart?

Yes, I am a barn cat.
Yes, I am a barn cat.

Oliver the kitten needed one day to bond with his human family. Now he’s getting used to the barn. We made him a bed and he seems quite happy, but a part of me wants him up here in the house jumping on tables, humiliating dogs and scratching furniture.


4 thoughts on “Cure for a Broken Heart?

    1. Of course I would have liked him (adored) as a house cat, but we really need a mouse deterrent (killer). he seems very happy in the milk barn and very friendly when I come down. The goats are a little concerned. I love grey cats!

    1. If it wasn’t for my husband’s cool head prevailing the little kitten would be on my lap right now 🙂 To be fair I could see that my husband was teetering because the kitten was cuter than expected. I actually tried to find an ugly cat to make it easier, but it turned out that the picture on craigslist was ugly–not the cat!

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