Working Irish Border Collies

Dogs always get me 🙂



We had a Border Collie whose name was Lucy. She was the ‘dog’ of my husband’s life! When we drove through England we stopped when we saw a man and his Collies playing ball in the front yard of the farm. Border Collies everywhere, it seems, love to play ball.  Next while in Scotland, we saw a Border Collie trials, doing their work and herding the sheep. The dog with the most faithful discipline and listening skill was the winner.  We also went to a farm that raised Border Collies and saw the training  of these incredible animals.  The young pups were introduced to herding with ducks and geese. Then we saw the older trained dogs work, herding.  I tell you this in case, you too might be in the British Isles and also love these dogs.  It is not in the guide book, and David was most persistent, asking…

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