Wild Asters for Bees


I have a confession. Up until quite recently if a bee got too close I’d often run and scream. My best friend still has the scars on her arm from when I in panic grabbed her arm so she wouldn’t run from the bee crawling up my arm.


Now I think they’re so damned cute. Pollinators are cute even if they don’t produce honey. This year we lost two hives and my husband with a busy schedule has avoided the ones we have left because being responsible for thousands of tiny lives and seeing so much death is so depressing. At least when you kill a cow it’s only one life, he says (we haven’t killed any cows, btw).


I’m thinking maybe I should step up to the plate, suit up and help these little guys and gals since I’ve learned to enjoy their company. There’s something so comforting in the days of the final fall flowers, the asters and the goldenrod, to hear the busy buzzing of bumbles and honeys.




6 thoughts on “Wild Asters for Bees

  1. Heh. I once had a bee accidentally fly into my motorcycle helmet while on a highway. And I was the passenger. It was remarkably patient. When we pulled over it popped onto the lip of the helmet and then just flew away. I think as long as we are patient they are most unwilling to hurt us.

    1. Bee stings aren’t that awful for me anyway. At the beekeeping class they suggested that when handling bees it’s better not to wear gloves because you’ll crush them, but if you stay calm they’ll let you move about their hive–I’m going to give it a try (I think). Thanks for stopping by and glad you didn’t go crazy on the bike!

      1. I’ve never had a fear of bees. I think they are amazing creatures. I’m more of a fan of the wild kinds but honey bees have their own charm. When I was growing up in Canada some mornings were so cool even in the summer that the bees would be unable to fly. I’d let them crawl onto my hand where they could warm up enough to be able to fly again.

  2. I adore bees! I have NO such affection for wasps though…(sore subject as I got stung by one just last week) Next year, I’m going to try and do way more to help them at my place, though I can’t say that I have any hives in my future. My husband tells me that he draws the line at animals that sting…

  3. I’ve been reading a book about the importance of wild bees & very impressed with their role in non-industrial pollination. Thank you for providing food & shelter to so many bees, honey or otherwise!!!

    1. I love bumble bees. When I think that North America got along just fine before honeybees I wonder about the way we think we know things. A lot of my friends worry about invasive species, but they love the honeybee 🙂 We’re all so crazy!

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