8 thoughts on “A Walk in the Woods

    1. Yes, we have! This year we backed away from the more challenging ones though and just enjoyed the easy ones. Goats really are terribly cute. Tasha Tudor had some Nubians if I recall πŸ™‚ I wonder who helped her take care of her animals. Do you know?

      1. I believe it her Grandson,Winslow, helped her out a lot. He lives on the property near her house. She also hired people, especially students from the locale collage.
        I’ve been enjoying a lot of different flavored chevre and firmer sheep cheese, from the farmers markets up here in the north east. One of the,very tasty one, was called blueberry cheesecake ~ made with wild blueberries and maple syrup, a savory one ~ called Italian torte, layer with basil pesto and sundried tomato pesto..

      2. Okay, you’ve just given me some great ideas! Aren’t we so lucky to live in the beautiful north east! I’m definitely going to do a blueberry cheesecake cheese.

        Actually both sound great and now that the goat kids are weaned the milk is all ours!

    1. Funny you mention them. They did a lot of damage to our vegetable garden so we found a man with two ponds and gave him two couples leaving us with Ferdinand and Sophie (there was no way I was losing all of them).

      The two ate all of our fall broccoli so we just moved their house out of the garden and down by the chickens and goats. For some reason they seem much happier and I like it because now they are free to waddle up to the house for treats. Adorable.

      1. Yup. Ducks & fences are a good combo. And, yes, they *will* come to the house if they want something. I’m glad you kept two. They will need each other for warmth this winter! (All signs point to Cold & Snowy.)

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