What to do with too much Chinese (Napa) Cabbage


This is one thing you could do: throw your hands up in the air and take a nap.

For whatever reason our garden grows enormous Chinese Cabbage. We grow tiny carrots and so-so radishes but cabbage loves us.


The ducks decided they loved it as well so we lost a little (along with quite a lot of snap peas) but ducks are funny so we share.

We found a sort of unhealthy salad last year and I nearly burnt the house down cooking it so this year my husband decided to improve his kimchi–a Korean fermented cabbage relish sort of thing that’s supposed to prevent cancer and detox the system. He tried doing it last year and the first time he forgot to rinse off the salt so it was REALLY salty. The second time he rinsed the salt but went crazy with the Korean red peppers. We tried diluting it by making a gross soup out of it and froze it–not wanting to admit how disgusting it was until later. Even the dogs turned their noses up not caring about the health benefits one bit! There’s a pile of kimchi doing something in our refrigerator as I write this but I avoid it, waiting instead for the fall crop of cabbage for unhealthy salads.

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