3 thoughts on “Happy Dill Recipes

  1. We’ve got a ton of dill, too–quick question. Can you eat it even though it’s gone to flower? Not the flower part put the other bits on the other stems? I can’t seem to get to it before it bolts! 😉

    1. This is what I found at gardenweb.com “You can still harvest fronds after the dill sets seed heads. Be careful, though, since dill is a host plant for swallowtail butterflies, and you may have eggs and caterpillars of the butterflies on your dill fronds. I examine each and every frond before I cut it. It takes a while, but the butterflies are so gorgeous, they are worth the effort!”

      Mine have flowered and I love the way they look. I’ll be watching out for the eggs!

      1. Oh yeah, I am very familiar with swallowtails and their herb-eating ways! (Story on *that* coming soon…!) Thanks for looking it up for me!!! Enjoy the butterflies!

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