5 thoughts on “Mr. Barn Swallow’s Evening View

  1. Adorable!!! Did you guys set this up for them or for some other bird? I’ve heard of house martin, er, houses but not barn swallow ones. Is it in lieu of an actual barn? πŸ™‚ (We have bird houses but only wasps seem to be interested!)

    1. We bought the decorative house at a garage sale as an ornament then one day we noticed a little head peeking out at us when we walked out of our house. Sometimes we see the male and female one in the house and one standing on the chimney. They look like tiny flying orca whales to me. Right behind them are a pair of bluebirds living in a non-bluebird house (this is their second year there). We were told to attract bluebirds the house has to have special dimensions, but these birds seem to like the neighborhood despite the wrong size of their door.

  2. I love the tenacity of birds and how they find just the right house to live in, whether it was what we intended for them to use or not. (reading you comment above). We have wrens living in the bluebird house right now. At any rate, charming photos of barn swallow and your roses and peonies are gorgeous!

    1. You should see my rose bushes! For three years they looked spectacular and I planted everything else to really play them up, but this year the winter was more like the good old fashioned NY winters and the roses really suffered. They are just coming back but the garden as a whole looks a bit barren in spots. I think I’ll spend more time looking at the birds for a while πŸ™‚

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