Joan Larsen’s Travel: Living With Giraffes

Off Topic but enchanting.

Forming The Thread

By Joan Larsen


Enchanting. . . and as you glide up to Kenya’s Giraffe Manor, you will find that your breath is actually taken away by the sight of a stunning estate – made of bricks from long ago — with beautiful vines covering it. But your eye is actually caught by a bevy of giraffes, strolling around as if they owned it.


After a safari that we thought could not be equaled, we found ourselves in the shadow of Kenya’s Mount Kilimanjaro on the very outskirts of Nairobi, receiving the warmest welcome at this English-style manor , invited to relax and enjoy our last overnight in Africa here.   The giraffes walked around us, eyeing us, and – well – seeming to find us not only acceptable . . . but perhaps a tiny bit appealing as well. Or so I wanted to believe.

Our introduction to Giraffe Manor…

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