Maple Milk Pudding


When you have 6 dozen eggs in the fridge and a new dozen coming again tomorrow you have to eat eggs. I’m always happier with protein and a little sugar in my system so this works.

Milk Pudding

Preheat the oven to 350

8-10 eggs

1 spoonful of maple syrup for each egg

Dash of vanilla, maybe some cinnamon

You beat this until it gets really foamy.

Meanwhile on the stove you slowly heat about 4 cups of milk until it gets warm.

Add it to beaten mixture and beat some more. I forgot about it for about 15 minutes and it got nice and foamy.

Fill a baking pan with warm water (1 inch). You can use little cups like the ones I used this time or a bigger oven proof bowl (which I’ll probably do next time because I feel kind of greedy eating two bowls of anything). Take some real maple syrup and pour enough in each cup to cover the bottom. Then pour the egg mixture in the cups, put them in the baking pan and slide them into the oven for as long as it takes for the centers not to giggle. For me it took about an hour though recipes I’ve found say a lot less. (Maybe I need to get my oven checked)

My daughter and I have decided that this works as a good breakfast food as well 🙂

I’m thinking with strawberries or raspberries in early summer . . .yum.

15 thoughts on “Maple Milk Pudding

    1. It’s a light, smooth custard. The first time i made it I used evaporated and condensed milk–that was more like cheesecake–delicious, but I’m trying to make things as much from our little homestead as I can (though I bought some more condensed milk–just in case I get in the mood for something a little more decadent) 🙂

  1. Oh yum yum! I particularly enjoyed your comment about cooking in the oven for as long as it takes for the centers not to giggle. I knew exactly what you meant, and it made ME giggle! Guess i need to sit in the oven for a while……

    How many people did your recipe feed (please don’t say this was just for 2!)

    1. That is so funny. The giggling was a typo 🙂 I’m bad about taking a look over what I do on the farm blog! haha. But they do sort of giggle if you try to take them out too soon.

      As far as serving amount–I think I had about12 little cups but I’d do it in a big oven proof bowl next time so you could just scoop out what you wanted instead of feeling guilty going for a second little cup 🙂

      1. I’m going to keep it as giggle so others might enjoy it! Have fun with the recipe–after I ate them all I thought they could have been just a little sweeter 🙂

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