New Family Members

No words . . .
No words . . .

I’ve already called getting to name the drake–Ferdinand, after Ferdinand Ward, a corrupt money man with a great name.

Khaki Campbell Ducklings!
Khaki Campbell Ducklings!
Nala's way too interested in the duck box.
Nala’s way too interested in the duck box.


3 thoughts on “New Family Members

    1. So, funny, I immediately thought of you and your blog when I saw them. I’ve always thought Khaki Campbells were adorable and suddenly this year my husband expressed an interest in having ducks–maybe he just likes building little houses 🙂 Of course ducklings are pretty irresistible.

      Are ducks affectionate?

      1. My ducks are very affectionate but not exactly in the cuddly way of mammals. (The littlest one, Gladys, does let you hold her for quite a long time but the others basically just tolerate it when we have to carry them into the garage, etc.) They express affection by following me around the yard, greeting me with various vocalizations, acknowledging me as the food/water/shelter bringer, etc. They are incredibly smart (good learners) and hilarious to watch as they go about their ducky lives. BTW, I think one of the reasons we are so close is that we raised them from two days old and have been very connected since then. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I *love* ducks!!! Best of luck with yours!

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