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Amazon Customer Reviews

***** “A modern triumph! An odyssey of addiction and deceit, Morris’ The House on Tenafly Road delivers on all levels. While spanning many different topics and characters, the text never becomes cluttered, and the messages never muddled. A beautiful work rich with emotion and an uncanny understanding of mankind, including its flaws. The novel, a triumph of writing, with characters that leaves readers desperately seeking their next fix.”

***** “A rich and colorful page turner. Morris has a fine sense of time and place and brings her memorable characters to life. She also tells a captivating story. You won’t find it easy to put her book down, and her characters will stay with you when you do. We can only hope she keeps writing and gives us more episodes in this fascinating chronicle.”

***** “I Loved this Book! Couldn’t help but feel like I knew these characters……I hear there is possibly another book, I hope so! this is one of those books that you just don’t want to end!”

***** “I LOVED this book! Great characters and compelling story, that leaves you wanting to know what will happen next in their world. I can’t wait for the next installment, and another opportunity to travel back in time!”

***** “I loved this book. I couldn’t put it down! I hope to read some more of Adrienne Morris’ books. She makes you feel like your right there. I’m rating this A1! Would be great if its made into a movie!”

“I have thought about your wonderful book many times. EVERYONE SHOULD READ IT ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO FOLLOW YOUR BLOG! I am not a “that would make a great movie” person, but in the case of your book it would make a great movie.”

***** “The Only Thing You Should Be Reading Right Now. Love stories with enough hardship to keep you interested and enough triumphs to make it worth it are hard to come by. The House on Tenafly Road shows that this combination is very possible. Adrienne Morris brings characters to life in a way that not many authors do and because of this, the writing stands out from the rest.”

***** “A must read. This is a great book. Don’t be intimidated by the number of pages- you will be pulled in immediately. If you’re going to buy one book today- make this the one.”

Historical Novel Society Editors’ Choice Review

“The various members of the McCullough family are portrayed with careful detail and some moments of unexpected humor, but it’s the tortured John Weldon who commands the book; his slow and halting search for personal redemption makes for mesmerizing reading.

 . . . extremely evocative.

 . . . a long and very satisfyingly complex novel. “

Steve Donoghue

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