8 thoughts on “Still Life With Dog Fur

  1. That title is the story of my life. A 120 year old house with original hard wood floors + a loving labbie who sheds his body weight in fur at least once a week=dog hair in every photo I take.

      1. We always lets the dog(s) sleep on our bed. It is especially nice in winter, not so much in summer. πŸ™‚ Yes, we had a second dog. I featured him on my blog sometimes. His name was Crosley and he was a large English labbie. He died on cancer on Friday the Thirteenth in September, six hours before my step-dad. Cannot wait to get a new brother for Dunc. The house seems emptier without our big guy around. Even if it means we have twice the fur again!

      2. You are actually the second person to be confused by that! Dunc, although younger than Cros, is our original baby. He was a wedding present. He’s the one you’ve been seeing on the blog lately.

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