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Tenafly Road


Poor Katherine McCullough is all dressed up in what her mother thinks best. She never quite fits in, but that’s okay. In a moment Sergeant John Weldon, who’s been admiring her from across the room will awkwardly ask her to dance. They’ll marry soon enough and then it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Does a book about a morphine-addicted Civil War veteran and his wife merit paper doll sketches? I think so.

This week is their week–a week about screwed up love. If doing it right was easy we’d have short novels and no war. In honor of imperfect relationships I’m having a $.99 Kindle eBook sale on The House on Tenafly Road this upcoming weekend Feb 15-16 (the day after Valentine’s Day makes you begin to wish you had a morphine-addicted spouse–or maybe  realize, damn, you have it good).

So gather up your pennies (c’mon…

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