Do You Want To Smell Sweet?

Soap is fun!
Soap is fun!

I like finding crazy cheap ways to do things I don’t care about–like laundry. It has to be done, but I just don’t feel that excited about it. So when I came across this laundry soap recipe I had to give it a try–especially since I’d never noticed the ingredients in the laundry aisle of the store but they’ve always just been sitting there.

0031 five gallon bucket
a long handled spoon
an empty (used) laundry detergent container (or juice or vinegar container, clean)
hot tap water
1 Fels-Naptha Laundry Soap Bar
1 cup washing soda
1/2 cup borax

You just grate the Fels-Naptha bar of soap and melt it with 4 cups of water on the stove. Fill the bucket halfway up and add the borax, washing soda and melted soap. Mix it until it’s all blended then fill the bucket to the top with more hot water. Cover it overnight and the next day you’ll get a congealed jelly-like concentrate. Fill up an old liquid laundry container halfway and then add water. That’s it. 002

Warning: the Fels-Naptha soap has a very strong fragrance in bar form.

6 thoughts on “Do You Want To Smell Sweet?

  1. With all due respect, I don’t want to do this. Does it work well? I thought Naptha was the smell of mothballs – another thing I am wrong about.
    PS I am deeply into making pickles these days – ah, it is always something.

    1. I love fermented pickles–the garlic kind like they used to have in barrels.

      It only took a few minutes to make the soap and it seems to work really well. we had a bout 6 months of laundry done for 5 people on that 5 gallons of concentrate so that’s kind of fun.

      But it’s not for everyone 🙂

      1. Maybe I will get on with the laundry soap later – I have noticed that “traditional” cleaners work very well. I lived a year once using up all the shampoo and conditioner I had picked up at hotels. We all need small goals!

        I made relish today – maybe I have something wrong with me that I crave all this pickled stuff? I made terrible garlic pickles a few years ago. I hope I make better things during this fermentation phase.
        Hi Ho,

      2. Fermented stuff is good for your digestion–or so I hear. My main food as a kid was pickles and hot dogs. I was very picky–but I ate cheap.

        I like weird little goals where you make small savings on things. But I’m not patient enough to do coupons or anything! I get stressed trying to keep them all from falling on the supermarket floor as I sift through them. I just can’t. I had a friend who used to spend days buying and returning sale items at Macy’s to get the very cheapest deal on a dress. I’d rather not wear the dress. Shopping bores me.

      3. Again!?! I was unemployed years ago and I though a “good” unemployed person should use coupons. It was like an OCD nightmare – and yes, it made me nervous! I have watched those people on TV who buy $1100 worth of groceries for $1.12 – but in the end what do they have? A basement full of crap. Having your money tied up in 4,500 packages of Kool-Aid is not an economically wise move. I wonder if these women (they usually seem to be women) who engineer these big coupon buys could take over the financial world if they turned their minds to Wall Street dominance.

        Your coupon (for the one thing you actually want) has now expired! I don’t even pretend I am going to use a coupon. I also no longer like shopping. My mother used to tell me that sometimes the quantity of merchandise in a store made her nauseous. Traveling light does have its enchantment. Excess shopping is for suckers.
        Hi Ho,

      4. Excess shopping is for suckers. This made me laugh! If people only knew the simple truth that avoiding processed foods saves tons of money! Making homemade soup for example is simple, cheap and you can put more stuff in that you like. There’s always leftovers that usually taste even better. Cooking from scratch doesn’t even take as long as people are led to believe. 🙂 On the same wave length yet again.

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