The New Logo

While I’m not planning a logo for our farm I did find a great artist to possibly help with the design of my next book! I LOVE this LOGO!!

the Crowded Acre

Thanks to a lovely and talented local artist, Brynn Ronning, we finally have our logo. This piece will be sealed and scanned before being hung in our house. The scanned images will be used to produce tshirts, posters, cards, patches, bumper stickers, and the like. I couldn’t be more excited.


When she first showed it to me, I cried. It is simple and beautiful. We based it on the old antique covers of the Farmers Almanac. They were done just in ink and printed on a single color background. There are many things you will find in ours that you will not find on an Almanac cover. For instance: our barn, our dogs Sami and Dude, the names of our children, a queen bee (who could that bee?), our prayer flag poles, the heart cut from the tin roof of my grandparents’ old cattle barn, and so on.

I am…

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