Indoor Plants–What’s The Point?


Neglected for three seasons, yet not a tone of hurt judgment amongst them.


And do they ever give you worry about Japanese beetles? No.


It’s in their nature to thrive where potted, spreading out their gregarious charm if only you take notice.


Some are a bit delicate, but on days when your book still hasn’t hit the best seller lists yet, they remind you with their many near-death experiences not to give up.


And on a rainy, mucky, slippery day they’re a salve.

2 thoughts on “Indoor Plants–What’s The Point?

    1. This is the first time in my life that my indoor plants are surviving. The last few times I visited my mother I realized that her huge assortment of houseplants made things very homey and happy. I decided to give it another try and though I’m neglecting them still, they like my kitchen. It’s good to have them someplace where I can occasionally remember to water them.

      How are you these days, my friend?

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