12 thoughts on “On Christmas Day In The Morning

      1. I can imagine they are the warm moment after you rise and shine. Must be nice to go in the barn and there they are! I do love animals.

      2. My sister sent me videos about abandoned dogs being rescued in California by this amazing couple. They nurse them back to health. The look in the eyes of these sad dogs . . . I wonder what they’re thinking. Then a few weeks later they’re bubbly cute dogs again. They definitely have souls.

      3. I’m glad you believe animals have souls. I know they do, but some people don’t to “see” that. I can’t look at sad dog pictures because I just get too sad.

      1. I like Christmas and holidays – I just don’t like all the crap I “must” do. Family birthdays also fall in December so it is a busy season full of obligations.
        PS I do love my dogs and there are always cookies for my darlings!

      2. We live too far away from family for real obligations. This year my husband came up with great Christmas gift ideas so I hardly did anything. I like the holidays too, but for me this year I miss the obligations a little.

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