Another Form of Homegrown Sweetness


The Belmont Rooster nominated me recently for this award!  I love his blog about plants, animals and life. The amazing amount of plant info is super inspiring! Today he blogged about the mixed feelings have about awards. I’ve always been bad at following rules so here’s what I plan to do instead of nominating 15 people (I’ve had a bunch of people get mad at me for giving them a nomination and I just don’t want that before Christmas!) I’m going to make it my goal to feature a blog I like twice a month instead. I’d rather give someone exposure on my blog than ask them to do any work because I’m a people pleaser and get too stressed when people I don’t know get angry at me 🙂

I will offer seven things about myself:

1. I write novels.

2. I worked on a socialist minded organic farm which turned me thoroughly against socialism.

3. My first love was a Navy guy and my last love is/will be the Navy guy I’m married to now.

4. I daydream at the table saw. My husband no longer lets me near the table saw.

5. My secret ambition is to rescue a brown boy calf at the auction from slaughter and train him to be a horse for me to ride.

6. I’m strangely obsessed with Jane Seymour (she’s an Aquarian).

7. I’ve almost completed my collection of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (just need a black and tan).


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