Jack Frost Makes Life Sweeter


If you haven’t tried Brussels Sprouts after they’ve been nipped by a few frosty days then you’ve missed one of the sweetest delights of late autumn. Just toss them in olive oil and garlic and roast until browned around the edges. Sprinkle with kosher salt and that’s it. I like potato chips but I can honestly say I’d rather these little gems as an afternoon snack.


2 thoughts on “Jack Frost Makes Life Sweeter

  1. Brussel sprouts are one my all time favorites! I’m actually quite happy that they are starting to get a better reputation — yesterday I saw a recipe for caramelized Brussel sprouts.

    1. I’ve gone simple this year with them because last year I kept making maple almond roasted sprouts and went a bit overboard. Everyone in the family was asking if we could maybe have some broccoli for a change 🙂 Did you grow up with them? My father was a HUGE fan.

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