Thanksgiving Stuffed

Stuff we made with maple:


Maple Pecan Pie


Indian Pudding

If that wasn’t enough, we decided to try out our newly motorized Wonder Junior Grain Mill. (A Bodine Gear Motor– from Chicago–my husband’s very proud of his Illinois roots). There’s one hundred inch pounds of torque delivered by a 2:1 gear ratio that turns the mill (I have no idea what this means but it spins at 17 RPM). My husband plans on tinkering with it to make it work faster since it takes about an hour to mill 4 cups of flour but at least you don’t have to get any exercise hand-grinding if you’re not in the mood.





My husband made the bread while my daughter and I went out to work (play) in the woods with the goats.


We walked the goats, but then got distracted by sticks and decided to begin a fort for no apparent reason. We’re about halfway done (it will have three sides). When you’re  building forts (you may remember from childhood) you no longer remember the cold or the time of day.

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2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Stuffed

  1. We are looking to get into our own bread making. Any tips on where to start? I’ve made bread for awhile, but not grinding my own flour. I have no idea where to start with that! But now I will research the grinder things you posted about. thanks!

    1. Hi Mama,

      My husband recommends the Wonder Junior Mill for grinding. This recipe is great:

      My husband swears by soaking the wheat and make sure to use great yeast. You can grind without the motor if you like a bit of exercise and have the time, but for us the engine is great because you just start it up and in a little while you have fresh flour. The flour degrades quickly so my husband grinds on the same day as he bakes–I’m a little less particular on this one but I think he’s right for getting optimal health benefits. etc. We get our wheat berries (white) from the Mormons! They sell big cans of it quite cheaply online.

      In the recipe it suggests using a few eggs which we do. It makes for a slightly chewier, moister bread.

      Good luck and I hope it helps! Come back anytime and let us know how your bread making adventure is going!


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