Overrun With Milk And Cheese–Not A Bad Thing



Most of the soft cheese is kept plain and frozen, but I’m experimenting with a breakfast cheese with maple syrup (of course), cinnamon, walnuts and a dash of vanilla. We used it for ricotta pancakes last night and even with a double batch we hardly kept up with demand.


3 thoughts on “Overrun With Milk And Cheese–Not A Bad Thing

  1. Oh, good gosh, what a wholesome and wondrous post ! Your photos are absolutely delicious, the first one dripping with delight. Loved seeing this so early in my day here on the Cutoff.

  2. Fabulous. Tennyson tapped like. =) I read the other post you shared. I’m tempted to go for it, except we actually don’t do that well on dairy, which is why we do the goat milk from Trader Joe’s. I have yet to find goat CREAM. I wouldn’t mix goat and cow. Occasional cow is ok for us so I just may try this sometime. How long did this take you start to finish and how long to heat the milk and cream? Do you use a thermometer to reach the 185? Have you made hard cheese? And T asked how long cows live. I would revise the question to ask how long CAN they (not butchered).

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