Weekend Project Boondocks, USA

Earlier this week my husband played the hero as he often does so when he asked if I’d help him finish making his maple syrup evaporator what could I say?


In the last month he picked up two old oil tanks, some angle iron and a welding machine off Craigslist. I steered clear of the sparks that he said could blind me until the tank looked like this:



The tank was empty so he welded the shelf within–I had no idea what it all meant until it began to come together today. First we put in some sand and leveled it:



Then I had the job of cleaning old mortar from the bricks also gotten off Craigslist while husband cut a door into the tank.


Have you ever heard metal being sawed through? It’s painful.


Now I began to understand what we were doing.





We painted it with a high temperature paint.


The syrup boils on top in this big pan and the fire burns beneath it. We have to wait until February, but I’m pretty impressed with my husband’s handy work.


10 thoughts on “Weekend Project Boondocks, USA

    1. We bought the pan before my husband got the welder–now anything is possible! February’s only a few months away, but I think we’ll be doing some sort of test firing soon. I’m excited to see it in action too.

  1. Wow I am really impressed with your design. Nice to see some creative minds at work. I was wondering if you had any updates of how it worked and some pictures of it in action?
    Troy, Tiverton, Ontario, Canada

    1. We’re having a late start due to cold weather and snow but this weekend the sap was running. We will definitely have an update and pictures within the week 🙂 Up into the wee hours last night using the new design.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi – I am in the process of putting my evaporator together and just wanted to know what size angle you used? It looks to be fairly large – 4×4?

  3. How did it work for you and have you made any changes? I ask because I made one just like it but haven’t tested it yet. How many gallons did you get?

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