Tonight for Supper . . . Broccoli with Worms!


Okay, okay, my harvest wasn’t quite as good but I’m pretty happy with the size of my broccoli.

ImageThe only thing disgusting about harvesting your own is seeing the worms float in the cold salt water bath you have to give the heads unless you want more protein and a few gagging kids (hmm, that might be a bit of fun).


8 thoughts on “Tonight for Supper . . . Broccoli with Worms!

    1. Oh, I wish I could be like that! I was raised on frozen vegetables and boneless chicken. I had a real fear of bugs (I slept with my head under the covers so none would fall into my mouth). I’ve conquered most of those fears–I can pick Japanese beetles off of my raspberry bushes–but chunky little worms floating in soup still makes me shudder!

    1. This year it’s only inch worms–so far. I think they’re so cute, but the idea of eating them–yuck. Last night my husband and I spent an hour re-rinsing and picking through the heads (they really no how to play hide and seek. The ones that were still alive I brought outside into the woods 🙂

      1. There was a frost last night so I’m not sure. I was going to let them live in my houseplant but my husband was against the idea of house bug pets 🙂 We have enough spiders–he says.

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