Leisure on the farm

Leisure on the farm


9 thoughts on “Leisure on the farm

      1. Will do. I have though of doing that to my dogs since it costs so much. We lived on a huge ranch in Montana way back and the real cowboys. Yes there were at least at that time still real ones. They loved to do the castrating. Oh my. then they cooked them over the fire. What fun. And then wonder why I did not want to go to the barbecue out there in the outer 40.

      2. Yuck! We did the whole banding his–well, you know–and they finally fell off yesterday. I don’t know where they are. I’ve always wanted to go to Montana. Is it as beautiful as I imagine?

      3. I have lived there 2 times in two different areas. It is really beautiful in some spots more than others. the first spot I lived where the cowboys were was so desolate though. You felt almost lost somewhere out in nowhere. Maybe it was partly since there was snow up till July every day. Melted when the sun shone, but I would think will we ever have a day without it. I had to wade through it to the shed where the freezer was. This was southern Montana. Nearest town was 45 minutes and about 3,000 people. Continental divide it was on and Yellowstone glaciers could be seen. Kalli spell the other area is very nice to live in.Movie stars live around there in the summer. really expensive to live.

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