Ordinary Day

So today we were pretty busy. We made pickles in this very scientific looking thing because I only like garlic pickles and you can’t get good ones here in Upstate New York and I need to have them crunchy or why bother.


The day began with blood curdling screams when our farm dog ran into the road and got hit by a car. By the time I arrived on the scene coming up from lecturing Pixie in the goat barn about her hoof in the milk pan, Nala was whimpering in husband’s arms with blood and gore dripping from her mouth and a big bruise on her leg. The poor guy on his way to work felt pretty bad, but it wasn’t his fault. Nala spent the day in air-conditioning and is feeling much better.

So . . . back to work. We made Paneer–a cheese made at high temperature with the milk that had Pixie’s foot in it–okay, some of you may think it’s gross, but I believe a bit of dirt is good for you and we’re not selling the stuff anyway. For a moment I pondered death from cheese and wondered if it were true that you still had your same interests in heaven. Of course I wondered, too, if heaven existed–but that was when I was flicking Japanese beetles from the raspberries.


Yes, it’s true that I delight in killing beetles–they may have a purpose in Japan, but I don’t want them in my garden–this may sound anti-immigrant to you, but when it comes to bugs it just how I feel.

Decided today that I haven’t any talent growing onions.


No talent for taking onion pictures either. But the meager harvest was harvested along with a pile of kale for soup (on a 95 degree day). It also occurred to me to boil eggs while I made the soup because they won’t get eaten unless I make egg salad.


Can you feel the heat and humidity? Decided I could never move south.


2 thoughts on “Ordinary Day

    1. Poor Nala is doing splendidly. We didn’t take her to the vet because within 15 minutes she was back to her old self. We think she just grazed the back of the moving car with her mouth which had a little cut on it. The drool made it appear worse than it was. Thanks for asking.

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