The Good, The Bad and the Ugly


Okay, I love Clint Eastwood–wasn’t The Outlaw Josey Wales the greatest? Why can’t I be the man of steel he is? Have I told you that we took our kids to the theater to see Gran Torino? A bit awkward. Anyway, I want to not panic when the goat kids get coccidiosis, but it can lead to death!! Why can’t I just take out the Magnum and  shoot up the creepy little bacteria that cause disease?

The good news is Pixie the adult goat doe who I thought was fading fast was given copper bolus and now is all pixie-like again. Also the garlic scapes have curled and we ate some last night with homemade mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and pasta.


The ugly is a financial set-back brought on by an evil, greasy spaghetti western style villain . This one I can handle with just the cold-hard stare of my hero Clint, but it’s still annoying. Oh, well, yet another reminder of how flawed we all are.

One thing to look forward to as I worry over goat kids is the Chinese cabbage we’ll try tonight in a salad.



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