Okay, so I thought goat cheese had to taste “goaty”

But with a sigh of relief I can tell you that we’ve made a great mozzarella (only once so far after a few failed attempts) and this beauty–a Lithuanian farmer’s cheese. This will make you feel like a star (well, only if you count cheese making as star worthy). All you do is boil a gallon of milk, take it off the stove and throw in 3 eggs, a cup of sour cream and a pile of caraway seeds then some vinegar. (or is it vinegar then the sour cream?) If you really want the recipe I can post it for you. The curds develop almost instantly. You then drain it in cheese cloth and press it for a few hours and it’s done. I thought I liked it yesterday plain with salt, but today I bought cheap sesame crackers and have decided it’s my new breakfast–until I make myself sick of it.

4 thoughts on “Okay, so I thought goat cheese had to taste “goaty”

      1. Well, we tried using cheap store bought cow’s milk when first making cheese and the results were not the greatest. The big chain stores heat their milk to a higher temp which does something to the proteins (I think). Anyway, if you can get a good quality milk from a more local source (even a store) I think you’ll have better luck.

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