What to do with eggs

What to do with eggs

Make torte
Make egg salad

Send a dozen to neighbors as peace offering after chicken flock steals from her bird feeders and rooster attacks satellite repair man.

Quiche, frittata, breakfast casseroles and did I say tortes?

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack . . . hmm.

I think I’ve seen something in a beauty magazine about facials . . .

Oh, and of course there’s keeping some on hand for when you’re imitating a drunk Meg Ryan in When a Man Loves a Woman and you smash the eggs all over your neighbor’s car. Then more eggs as a peace offering.

Where’s the Egg Council when you need it?


2 thoughts on “What to do with eggs

  1. You can pickle them too! Stick them in fancy jars and give them as presents. Thanks for making me laugh. I’ve just started with only 3 (originally 5) hens and I’m suspicious that one might be a rooster. When will we know for sure?

    1. At one point we had 4 roosters! Those were crazy times. We just let one of our broody hens hatch some eggs (which is adorable and so much easier on humans when the mother takes charge). I think we have two rooster chicks, too. There’s a few ways to know if they’re roosters in the first day or so but then you have to wait until they’re around 6 weeks old to see the other signs. My experience is that the boys begin to develop longer necks with longer feathers. They scurry around more and the last time we had them they were more aggressive (pecking at our boots, etc.). I think if you suspect a rooster then it probably is one. The hens really love having a rooster around and so do we. Having 4 roosters was a disaster with a bunch of sex-crazed men fighting over women. Thanks for checking out my sight and good luck with the chickens–they’re so much fun to watch.

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