Cheese, glorious cheese

Cheese, glorious cheese

Okay, so there is an upside to waking at 6 am to milk a goat and that’s cheese. After two weeks of thinking poor Pixie Dust had menigeal worms that attack the spinal cord causing much damage and possibly death, we think that in fact, she’s copper deficient–which is definitely easier to treat. Isn’t it fun not knowing what you’re doing and having the lives of others in your dumb hands? Who knew that a black goat that suddenly turned copper on her flanks probably had too little copper? And the curved hooves and general malaise? We thought it was pregnancy depression or something. Ugh. But now she seems a bit better and my hands are getting muscles from all the milking and today we made our second batch of mozzarella cheese–it was less than stellar but it was our own.

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