Windy Hill Saw Mill Fun


Who wouldn’t want to avoid Lowes for lumber when you can get great rough lumber right down the road? We heat with wood so a proper wood shed has become a definite necessity (two years of creosole in our stove pipe from wet wood is a bad thing, my husband tells me, and slipping around in a wet pile of icy muck in late winter is no fun.


This is the only man you should buy wood from. Dan is very cool at Windy Hills Sawmill in Greenwich NY.


What buildings at sawmills should look like, don’t you think?


Plus, sawmills have machines like these doing who knows what. Feeling very like Edward Steichen taking machine photos.

We framed the shed with Lowes wood–ho hum. But the rest of it came from Dan and we’ve vowed to use his stuff exclusively from now on. Buy local and all of that.


Can you tell I’m sort of new to all of this tool stuff? But I’ve become fairly good at screwing roofing on to buildings and it’s fun being up in the air–like playing in a tree house.


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