Under Pressure . . . Not.


This weekend the frogs started partying at the pond which meant for us that the garage would be transitioned from a maple syrup storage facility into a comfy brooding space for two of our chickens. We started a few years back with a box of chicks sent from a hatchery and i won’t say it wasn’t cute to see so many little ones, but it was also rather nerve-wracking–checking butts for blockages and keeping the chicks at perfect temperature. Last fall I threw a few eggs under a hen who’d been bullied and was in quarantine (so she could grow some feathers back. She loved sitting on eggs and hatched two chicks without our help at all. I do things without thinking sometimes (many times)  and hadn’t thought about winter and babies. But Buttercup knew just what to do. She cleaned their butts, kept them warm and even taught them how to scratch and forage. It took a lot of the pressure off of me–and I don’t like pressure.

So this spring we’ll pick two hens and a bunch of eggs and see what happens.



2 thoughts on “Under Pressure . . . Not.

    1. Yes! The first time we let the two chicks out with their mother there was so much happy conversation between them and the mother acted so grown up–it was pretty awesome. Good luck with your chickens.

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