Oh Joy! Maple Syrup!


We all love maple syrup, don’t we? I mean, isn’t it really worth it hauling gallons upon gallons of sap through slushy-uneven paths in the frosty air? I, for one, am always looking for a good neck and shoulder work-out. Maybe it would be a bit nicer if we weren’t ankle deep in cold mud as we tend the fire, but who cares?! We’re outdoors getting a winter sunburn off the melting snow’s reflection and that’s cool. I look better with freckles. So, the first week is great. Hey, we’re like the Indians making syrup. Second week–massive sap producer–great? Well, depends if you really like mud and cold. But, there is the final week. It’s when you remember that you suggested making syrup in the first place–from one tree maybe. You’re husband who wants to please you and loves projects, scopes out every tree on the property, does the research and turns the whole thing into an operation–a huge declaration of crazy love. Hmm. Kind of nice, that. So you buck up and sit at the fire and by now spring is coming on and the peepers begin to sing and you know that means the “frog run” has come–the final sap run of the season and you think of all the cakes and the Brussels sprouts you’ll eat with syrup and you’re pretty glad you have a great husband.

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